Selling.  Have you ever made a sale, and felt great about it?

When it comes to selling, most of us are uneasy.  Some of us even hate it.  This blog is written for those who want to find out how selling can become as natural as breathing;  a fun easy addition to your career and a skill for life.

Selling is no mystery. Becoming a good salesperson is not only for those with natural born talent.  Armed with some tips and tricks of the trade, everyone can become good, even great, at it. With over 20 years of experience, involving approximately 10,000 sales calls and client meetings, I have decided to develop a resource designed to help even the most hesitant of us to become successful  at selling. This blog offers an ocean of practical experience and useful strategies, including a toolkit and sales activity guide.

With a genuine interest in the customer, a fairly good product, and a realistic set of expectations, you are now on your way to becoming a bestseller. Enjoy the journey!

Anders Flensborg
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The tradeshow is an important part of the sales world.  Surely, the tradeshow is your business card to the market, but it is also so much more than that.  The tradeshow is a chance to show what is special about your company. It is the chance to update employees, get them motivated, and help them reach top performance capacity. Foremost, it is a chance to secure new business. More…

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Let’s Print!

In sales, printed materials involve everything that bears your company logo, such as business cards, company brochures, the annual balance report, etc.  Without printed materials to provide to the customer during, or at the end of a meeting, many sales people might feel naked and as though something very important is missing.  In fact, it is very important to leave your customer with a reminder of you and your company.  Doing so not only provides your contact information, it keeps you within easy reach and recent memory for your client.  The question then becomes what to leave behind. More…

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Foreign Cultures

Selling in a foreign environment is one of the most difficult undertakings.  Even if the encounter with new tastes, sights, faces and languages is thrilling and highly motivating, in-depth training and study of a foreign culture is mandatory prior to rolling out the sales force. More…

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The Premium Tiger At The Petshow

Did you ever attend a meeting sick with the flu?  Most of us have.  Some meetings, however we would cancel.  Would you go on a date your fiancée with the flu or would you cancel?  Would you show up for an important exam? More…

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The Man With The Flag

Being out front with the customer is a demanding role with a crucial importance to the company.  The observations of the salesperson can be critical to the company’s success.  After all, the person manning the storefront is in direct contact with the customer, listening to needs and wants, fielding complaints, and making promises. What does the salesperson report or not report? What does he observe or not observe?  Does the assessment reflect reality? More…

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Sell The Sell

The article argues that, while engineers and administrative staff are often motivated to experiment and brainstorm for innovation, the sales department is often a dark room where hard charging cowboys are focused on reaching their quotas and leaving out the creativity which is wanted currency elsewhere in the same company. For anyone facing the challenge and accountability of setting up new sales initiatives, it’s important to be creative. What’s my advice? Come up with your budget and then sell it. More…

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Blistering VIP’s

Before contacting a VIP we must ensure that our mission brings value to the VIP, or to her corporation.  We must know why this is the case, and we must believe in it. If this is not the case, it is better to first improve on the quality of our proposal before approaching.  Once we have made sure that our proposal has true value, we want to consider the questions we will encounter, and how we will get around them in order to advance our mission. More…

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